Ana Barriga

Jerez de la Frontera, 1984


In her work, Ana Barriga attempts to find the balance between reason and emotion. These two seemingly contradictory areas create a unique energy that she tries to capture when they intersect. She focuses on playful environments, a place shared by artists and children where prejudices are left behind and the most unexpected parts of ourselves emerge. For the artist, humour, play and irony are ways of looking at reality differently and unexpectedly, of breaking the norm. Unpredictable situations arise, situations that are new and attractive because they do not conform to the norm. Through play, Barriga paints, breaks, disfigures, assembles and combines various elements—decorative, everyday and childlike objects—to give form to new works. Inspired by passion, experience and knowledge, she tests, erases, repaints, and often covers her work with spray paint as if she were vandalising it.

Barriga has had several solo exhibitions in her home country (in Seville, Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia…) and beyond the Spanish borders in New York, London and Hamburg. She currently lives and works in Madrid.

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