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Fernando Zóbel d’Ayala y Montojo (Manila, 27 August 1924 – Roma, 2 June 1984) was a Spanish abstract painter from the 20th century.

The son of a Spanish businessman, Fernando Zóbel de Ayala studied medicine in the Philippines and Philosophy and Literature at Harvard University. He became interested in painting in the early 1940s, and continued throughout the 1950s when he returned to Manila to take over the family business. During this period he also travelled around the United States and Europe. In 1955, during a stay in Spain he made friends with the abstract artists of the day. In 1961 he settled definitively in Madrid. In 1966, together with his friends Gustavo Torner and Gerardo Rueda, he founded the Museum of Abstract Art in Cuenca, which opened in premises in the famous Hanging Houses, with works that Zóbel himself had collected. He died in Rome in 1984. His remains are buried in the city of Cuenca.

Artist’s biography: Fernando Zóbel