Antonio Saura | Michel Tapié

The work of Antonio Saura is rich in that ambiguity which results from the blending of tradition and the avant-garde, for a continuity that is nothing less than that of human immanence. It partakes of both the most audacious experiments of inveterate kinds of expressionism and of the highly dramatic message (and here drama must be understood in its widest sense) of the Iberian future in which the curve of many civilizations has always been constructively chaotic, if not sublimely tragic. Following four or five great names in Spanish painting who haunt us like the paroxystic peaks of the artistic world, Saura says all this with his whites, silvers and blacks, handled as only the Spanish know how, a token of transcendence, elevating to its possible peak, at once the most current and the most eternal, the dramatic trace of the future of the Individual.

Michel Tapié

February 1961


Published in Saura. Tragedy & creation. Barcelona, 2018. Mayoral. p. 18