Tener los pies en la tierra | Rafael Canogar

The style of our epoch can be surprising for its chaotic look. And yet I would like to come down to earth, come into contact with reality, create organic, living forms because art can no longer (today less than ever) become dehumanized. I think that the separation between abstraction and figuration must be overcome and reality should be focused from a different perspective, by finding it within its subjective and intimate truth.

CANOGAR, Rafael. “Tener los pies en la tierra.” Madrid-Palma de Mallorca: Papeles de Son Armadans (devoted to El Paso), year IV, vol. XIII, no 37, IV/1959, pp. 70-72.

Opening of the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art in Cuenca, 1966. Photo: Fernando Nuño. Courtesy Manolo Millares Archives.

Published in With rebellion, awareness is born. Barcelona, 2018. Mayoral. p. 96