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Palo Alto, 1988


Octavi Arrizabalaga (ARYZ) was born in 1988 in Palo Alto (California); he currently lives and works in Cardedeu. Like many artists from his generation, Arrizabalaga began painting graffiti around Barcelona where, at the beginning of the 2000s, he began to be known as Aryz. In 2007, he began to use telescopic poles and plastic paint for exteriors on different surfaces of abandoned factories on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Morocco, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, Poland, China, Madagascar, United States are some of the countries where he left his mark over the last decade. More recently, he began to spend more time working in the studio, limiting the number of murals that he produces. The studio allows him to calmly prepare concepts that the immediacy of the wall does not permit and to give free rein to trial and error experimentation.