Modest Cuixart

Modest Cuixart

Known forms left me indifferent in the presence of the excitement of the profounder reality I was glimpsing; so I gradually gave up on the representation of things and delved into the “other” reality that one neither sees nor touches but which is reality all the same. Do you understand? Joy, sadness, desire—all this is real, and yet how do you represent it? It’s impossible, of course, with a form known in nature.

MODEST, Cuixart. In Quesada, Luis, “Modesto Cuixart: Primer Premio de Pintura en la Bienal de São Paulo.” ABC, 26/09/1959.

Published in With rebellion, awareness is born. Barcelona, 2018. Mayoral. p. 90

Picture: Modest Cuixart and Antoni Tàpies. Unknown photographer. Courtesy Fundació Cuixart.